Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dem Convention Night Three- Oy Vey

Night three of the Democratic Convention offered a depressing view on what America is. If you turn your brain to zombie mode, there were moments that worked, namely Clinton's speech. Unfortunately for the Democrats, no one saw Bill's speech, it wasn't in prime time, Joe Biden's was. Yeah, good call on that dems. Here are my observations from night three:

The Ghost Of Clinton Past- This whole convention has been dominated by the Clintons and last night was no exception. But last night Bill came to play, to show up "The Chicago Thug" ( yes he really said that and it was reported by the Washington Post). Both Clinton's gave excellent, if inaccurate speeches that have set the bar soaringly high for Obama. The former President has been the only speaker thus far to provide a theme to attack Republicans effectively. The rhetoric was full of inaccuracies but the pitch was right on. To bad no one saw it.

Oh No Joe- Listen, when you have been in politics as long as this guy has you should know how to give a speech effectively, this was not to be. Before Joe came out there was a moving video and introduction by his son that was effective and frankly moving...and then Joe ruined it. The speech was disjointed jumping from place to place attacking John McCain at one point for not sending more troops into Afghanistan like Barack wanted. At that moment they panned to Melissa Etheridge and her face looked confused and frankly, angry. Way to fire up the base, I mean nothing moves the anti war left like saying we should pull troops out of Iraq and send them to Afghanistan. I almost fell out of my chair. There was also the awkward part where he tried to get the crowd to say "McCain more of the same" right after he said it, but it didn't work. Everyone was saying it at different times and it was just embarrassing. I don't know what the Democrats problem is, but this speech and this night illustrates why Obama is getting zero bounce.

Barack Obama, Ringmaster- Alright, the first time Obama showed up via satellite night one was unexpected and interesting. Last night was just weird. He shows up, bouncing across the stage quite pleased with himself and gives a preview of tomorrow night. I mean is this guy the nominee or is he David Copperfield magically appearing and then disappearing just as quickly. This whole thing has been so strange and circus like its difficult to make sense of it, or him frankly. Who does this guy think he is? That is what people will be left thinking.

Final Thoughts- This whole convention has been botched and mishandled. No theme, no coherent message about the country and plan for the future. Its been biography and Bush bashing. Um, Bush isn't running again and no one thinks McCain is Bush it just doesn't fly, hes been around to long we actually know McCain, unlike Obama. Tonight Obama will ascend from On High and give his speech in front of the temple they have constructed for him. Huge mistake. Embarrassingly stupid frankly. John McCain is supposedly going to leek his VP choice during the speech and the attention will shift to the RNC. This convention will be remembered for its critical errors and the missed opportunities. Obama had better have the speech of his life tonight, because barring a critical McCain error, I see this election slipping away for the Inevitable One.

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cube said...

Sorry, but I can't help but be happy for the mishaps.