Monday, August 25, 2008

How McCain Can Sweep The Ladies Off Their Feet

In my previous post I wrote about Obama's women problem, which is much bigger then being reported. Now I move on to McCain, who, lets face it ladies and gentlemen has some lady problems of his own. What politicians do not understand is that women want to be swept off their feet, connecting to them on the issues is not enough, we want to feel something. Whoever wins this election is going to win because of women, pure and simple. So here is what McCain is doing wrong and how he needs to fix it:

Get A Tan- I know, this is shallow, but guess what? So are women. We don't want a commander in chief who looks like the crypt keeper. We know you are a weathered war hero and we respect that, but this is the television age man and you are looking a little rough. Cindy McCain always looks wonderful and youthful for her age, a little bronzer will do you a world of good.

Dump The Teleprompter Forever- Study the Saddleback Debate and don't stray from that performance. You can't read a prompter to save your life without looking angry, confused or overexcited. When its time to give your acceptance speech at the RNC Convention you had better have that thing memorized. What separates you from Obama is what I like to call an "authenticity gap". Don't try sweeping speeches, talk to us with authority and we will respect you.

Utilize Cindy McCain More- You need to start doing positive ads right now with Cindy McCain sitting in a living room, hallmark style, talking to the average American woman. Women aspire for the beauty and grace that Cindy naturally possesses. She looks like a first lady and shes a successful business woman, don't run away from that, use it.

A final note, warmth and style matter and they matter hugely to women. In 2000 at the DNC convention Al Gore gave his wife the biggest kiss I have ever seen a politician give on television. If you don't think this helped turn the tide for women and Gore you are mistaken. Women project their own lives onto candidates. Gore represented the husband they wanted, one who kisses and is romantic and warm. He didnt win, but he came awfully close.


splendor87 said...

For the first time in my adult life I am PROUD to be a part of a "blog". Your insights are entertaining, to the point, "right on" and hit the proverbial "nail on the head". Our country needs more outspoken gals like you Nancy. Keep up the good work. Ann P.

Catherine said...

I love your piece but I think have failed to point out that if looks are going to win, only one thing can help.
I think both candidates need to keep paper bags over their head, and the one with the best drawn happy face wins!

Keep up the good work.