Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Im Not Getting The Warm Fuzzies For Obama

As the media continues to lament the fact Obama isn't beating McCain I cant help but marvel at how they just don't get it. Its the women, stupid! Now I'm not talking about those sore loser Hillary supporters, even though lets face it they haven't been this angry in a long time, I'm talking about average non-partisan women. When they look at Obama he is the epitome of that arrogant popular guy in high school who will gladly smile at you if you do his homework for him, but other then that has zero use for you. Here are some observations on why I think they guy is losing women, big time.

Obama Will Not Stop Glaring At Me- I enjoy political speeches, I enjoy discerning body language and every time Obama speaks he just glares at everybody. His voice takes on this preacher like persona and all the sudden I feel like he is speaking from a mountain top and to his unrepentant disciples. Lighten up man! Look at people when you talk to them, but don't glare at them. There is nothing worse to a women then a guy looking intimidating and threatening. Its like fine I'll pretend to give you my vote, just don't hurt me!

We Don't Like Your Celebrity Friends- Celebrity magazines and blogs are not popular because we love celebrities, they are popular because we love to hate on celebrities. Most people think celebrities are jokes who are best used for diet tips and as subject for biting gossip. Perez Hilton is popular for a reason and its not because we love and respect celebrities, its because we like to see stuff drawn on them! This is why the McCain ads Celebrity Ads were so successful. Back away Barack, throw them right under the bus like you did your grandma. (Which by the way, didn't help us women in the warm fuzzies department).

Um, Buddy, Your Friends Scare Us A Little- Jeremiah Wright, that Rezko dude, William Ayers, not exactly a posse of folks you want in your entourage. Your a guy, who we dont really know, surrounded by a terrorist, a racist and a crook. Um, yeah. Heres how girls think when they pick a president, they want someone whose going to protect them and there families and not give them a pit in their stomach. The more women see if the men you surround yourself with, the worse it is for you. You better find yourself some reputable people (preferably women) to hang around or your toast.

Share your thoughts, am I way off base? Tomorrow Ill have a post on McCain and what I think his problems are, until then!


Bob Scuba said...

His wife scares me a lot!

splendor87 said...

Yah Nancy... right on!... it's like your mom says "You can judge a person by the friends they keep"... also, what's up with "tax the rich?" Who fo you think is paying the salaries of the middle class and poor people? It's the RICH! Who keeps businesses in business so that they pay the wages of their employees? Tax the "rich" and we ALL end up POOR! If "Obama" is the answer then "How to end up poor and in the hands of our enemies" must have been the question!
Ann P