Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dem Convention Night Two... Santa Evita

The DNC Convention has turned into the biggest blunder for a nominee that I have ever seen. Operation Chaos was in full effect last night with the Clintons storming in and taking over that arena. Michelle Obama's icy stares toward Hillary Clinton last night as she was speaking pretty much summed the whole evening up nicely. The Clintons had crashed the party and now instead of a week of free press about Obama, once again its about the Clintons. Here are some observations from last night.

How Great Is Bill Clinton?- Look, I'm not talking policy wise here but as I watched the camera pan to him incessantly with his eyes tearing and biting his lip looking adoringly at his wife I just had to laugh. This guy is a pure political animal who knows how to work a room and an audience. When he mouthed "I love you, I love you forever" to his wife I about lost it. This guy is just great, full of it but just brilliantly audacious.

Michelle, Ice Queen- If looks could kill... yikes. As Hillary was speaking, i.e promoting herself, the camera would pan to Michelle and she had an expression in her eyes that was just so cold. Her lips smiled but her eyes told an entirely different story. She looked wonderful though, I am surprised she didnt do her hair and outfit like that when she spoke. NBC News reported that Hillary had been trying to get in touch with Michelle but her calls were not returned, well after last night I doubt that is going to change.

Hillary, Happy Warrior For 2012- Despite gushing reviews from the clowns at MSNBC, her speech to the convention was the most lukewarm endorsement I have ever seen. She mentioned Obamas name only a handful of times and spent most of the time talking about the people she met and her issues. This night was about Hillary doing only what she was required to do and not an inch more. She laid into John McCain, but her heart wasn't in it and it showed. She could have used her speech to build up Obama but instead just repeated a generic stump speech. After her speech many networks interviewed her visibly upset supporters. Do you know what the consensus was? They couldn't believe that she wasn't the nominee and were flabbergasted a guy with no resume "stole it" from her. She made Obama look worse, not better. Last night was about what could have and what should have been. There are going to be a lot of angry supporters today and they are drifting further and further away from Obama's reach.

Final Note- On Fox last night Susan Estrich's email was flooded with unhappy Hillary supporters and that consensus will grow with time. Bill Clinton is tonight, the last successful Democratic President and I have the feeling that Bill is going to promote himself tonight and dig into McCain only to show how much better he is then Obama. Ego will be on full display tonight and I cannot wait to watch. Feel free to share your thoughts!


Bob Scuba said...

Why Hillary is Bigger than Her Party
“My mother was born before women could vote. But in this election my daughter got to vote for her mother for President.”
Last night this line resonated with Democrat women like the first time they felt their infant inside her womb, kicking against her fingers pressed to her own flesh. Like a movie on the lifetime channel, Howard Dean made sure a man, Obama, became the nominee. Another abusive man forcing Hillary to go out and support him even though it is crystal clear she was superior in every way and should have been their nominee.

cube said...

As a Republican, I hoped for Obama to become the candidate over Hillary. Hillary would've been harder to beat in November.