Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Vacation

For the next week my posts are going to be sporadic as I am in the great sunny state of Florida that is currently undergoing constant rain. I will post a bit while on vacation but not on a daily basis. I hope things are sunnier where you are!

Dem Convention Finale

I'm going to keep this post relatively short by saying if you are a supporter you loved Obama's speech, but if you were a normal person it scared the living daylights out of you. If this guy is coming, so is massive intrusive government. We can't say after his speech he didnt warn us. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dem Convention Night Three- Oy Vey

Night three of the Democratic Convention offered a depressing view on what America is. If you turn your brain to zombie mode, there were moments that worked, namely Clinton's speech. Unfortunately for the Democrats, no one saw Bill's speech, it wasn't in prime time, Joe Biden's was. Yeah, good call on that dems. Here are my observations from night three:

The Ghost Of Clinton Past- This whole convention has been dominated by the Clintons and last night was no exception. But last night Bill came to play, to show up "The Chicago Thug" ( yes he really said that and it was reported by the Washington Post). Both Clinton's gave excellent, if inaccurate speeches that have set the bar soaringly high for Obama. The former President has been the only speaker thus far to provide a theme to attack Republicans effectively. The rhetoric was full of inaccuracies but the pitch was right on. To bad no one saw it.

Oh No Joe- Listen, when you have been in politics as long as this guy has you should know how to give a speech effectively, this was not to be. Before Joe came out there was a moving video and introduction by his son that was effective and frankly moving...and then Joe ruined it. The speech was disjointed jumping from place to place attacking John McCain at one point for not sending more troops into Afghanistan like Barack wanted. At that moment they panned to Melissa Etheridge and her face looked confused and frankly, angry. Way to fire up the base, I mean nothing moves the anti war left like saying we should pull troops out of Iraq and send them to Afghanistan. I almost fell out of my chair. There was also the awkward part where he tried to get the crowd to say "McCain more of the same" right after he said it, but it didn't work. Everyone was saying it at different times and it was just embarrassing. I don't know what the Democrats problem is, but this speech and this night illustrates why Obama is getting zero bounce.

Barack Obama, Ringmaster- Alright, the first time Obama showed up via satellite night one was unexpected and interesting. Last night was just weird. He shows up, bouncing across the stage quite pleased with himself and gives a preview of tomorrow night. I mean is this guy the nominee or is he David Copperfield magically appearing and then disappearing just as quickly. This whole thing has been so strange and circus like its difficult to make sense of it, or him frankly. Who does this guy think he is? That is what people will be left thinking.

Final Thoughts- This whole convention has been botched and mishandled. No theme, no coherent message about the country and plan for the future. Its been biography and Bush bashing. Um, Bush isn't running again and no one thinks McCain is Bush it just doesn't fly, hes been around to long we actually know McCain, unlike Obama. Tonight Obama will ascend from On High and give his speech in front of the temple they have constructed for him. Huge mistake. Embarrassingly stupid frankly. John McCain is supposedly going to leek his VP choice during the speech and the attention will shift to the RNC. This convention will be remembered for its critical errors and the missed opportunities. Obama had better have the speech of his life tonight, because barring a critical McCain error, I see this election slipping away for the Inevitable One.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dem Convention Night Two... Santa Evita

The DNC Convention has turned into the biggest blunder for a nominee that I have ever seen. Operation Chaos was in full effect last night with the Clintons storming in and taking over that arena. Michelle Obama's icy stares toward Hillary Clinton last night as she was speaking pretty much summed the whole evening up nicely. The Clintons had crashed the party and now instead of a week of free press about Obama, once again its about the Clintons. Here are some observations from last night.

How Great Is Bill Clinton?- Look, I'm not talking policy wise here but as I watched the camera pan to him incessantly with his eyes tearing and biting his lip looking adoringly at his wife I just had to laugh. This guy is a pure political animal who knows how to work a room and an audience. When he mouthed "I love you, I love you forever" to his wife I about lost it. This guy is just great, full of it but just brilliantly audacious.

Michelle, Ice Queen- If looks could kill... yikes. As Hillary was speaking, i.e promoting herself, the camera would pan to Michelle and she had an expression in her eyes that was just so cold. Her lips smiled but her eyes told an entirely different story. She looked wonderful though, I am surprised she didnt do her hair and outfit like that when she spoke. NBC News reported that Hillary had been trying to get in touch with Michelle but her calls were not returned, well after last night I doubt that is going to change.

Hillary, Happy Warrior For 2012- Despite gushing reviews from the clowns at MSNBC, her speech to the convention was the most lukewarm endorsement I have ever seen. She mentioned Obamas name only a handful of times and spent most of the time talking about the people she met and her issues. This night was about Hillary doing only what she was required to do and not an inch more. She laid into John McCain, but her heart wasn't in it and it showed. She could have used her speech to build up Obama but instead just repeated a generic stump speech. After her speech many networks interviewed her visibly upset supporters. Do you know what the consensus was? They couldn't believe that she wasn't the nominee and were flabbergasted a guy with no resume "stole it" from her. She made Obama look worse, not better. Last night was about what could have and what should have been. There are going to be a lot of angry supporters today and they are drifting further and further away from Obama's reach.

Final Note- On Fox last night Susan Estrich's email was flooded with unhappy Hillary supporters and that consensus will grow with time. Bill Clinton is tonight, the last successful Democratic President and I have the feeling that Bill is going to promote himself tonight and dig into McCain only to show how much better he is then Obama. Ego will be on full display tonight and I cannot wait to watch. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dem Convention Night One.. Wasted Space

The fundamental problem with night one of the Democratic convention can be summed up in one word, forced. I was, frankly, uncomfortable at many points during night one because I felt like I was watching a rather frenetic display of incoherent speeches. Conventions are supposed to be thematic, taking you on a predetermined journey into the heart of the party. This is not what happened. Here is why night one went so wrong for the DNC, even though the media won't say it.

Ted Kennedy- It was supposed to be a rousing moment for the DNC when, after a fairly whitewashed tribute, Ted Kennedy would triumphantly take the stage and show the strength of the Democratic Party. This isn't what happened, he instead highlighted their weakness. As I watched the senator I couldn't help but think what a big life he has led, the history he has seen. Here is a man from "Camelot" whose family has captured the imagination of a country. The contrast between his families life, his presence and Michelle Obama's is what made him weak for the DNC last night. Love him or hate him, he and his family have done something. There was history last night on display for the American people and seeing the contrast between the all American Kennedy family and the Obama family did not do the candidate or the party any favors.

Oh Michelle, Michelle- There was a fervent quality to her speech and an intensity that was just difficult to watch. From the video to her speech there was a contrived, over focus grouped feeling to the entire ordeal. In her speech when she states

'' And you know, what struck me when I first met Barack was that even though he had this funny name, even though he'd grown up all the way across the continent in Hawaii, his family was so much like mine.''

It was like a wink and a nudge to middle America saying "he's just like you." It was contrived and scripted and frankly delivered poorly. I don't believe for one moment Michelle was ever put off by his name and it was just an unnecessary pander. Which was the downfall of her entire speech, contrived pandering. She made sure to smile and say she was "proud of my country," well terrific that settles that then, or would have had she not been so wooden when she said it. What saved her speech from being a disaster was her very cute daughters. They were wonderful, even though Barack pretty much ruined it buy trying to get his script out and talked over them.

Final Analysis Of Night One- Wasted opportunity is going to be a phrase you here a lot from Democrats after November 4th and last night was a perfect illustration of why. If you are going to have Kennedy speak, have Obama on the screen right after talking to him and allowing Kennedy to pass the torch personally. That would have been touching for the dems, but it was not to be. Michelle Obama won over no one last night because her whole speech should have been focused on her being a mother and a wife who was just proud and happy to be there. No stump political speeches about "the southside of Chicago," I mean do you really want to go into Obama's Chicago days? Um, I think not.

Stay tuned for DNC Convention Night Two, will Hillary sabotage the whole event? Probably not. Prediction, Hillary will deliver the best most rousing speech of her life which will basically say "look what you could have had instead of this novice." She will do great not for Obama, but to stick it to the DNC because she knows that 2012 will probably have an open slot because so far this convention has helped McCain not Obama.

Monday, August 25, 2008

How McCain Can Sweep The Ladies Off Their Feet

In my previous post I wrote about Obama's women problem, which is much bigger then being reported. Now I move on to McCain, who, lets face it ladies and gentlemen has some lady problems of his own. What politicians do not understand is that women want to be swept off their feet, connecting to them on the issues is not enough, we want to feel something. Whoever wins this election is going to win because of women, pure and simple. So here is what McCain is doing wrong and how he needs to fix it:

Get A Tan- I know, this is shallow, but guess what? So are women. We don't want a commander in chief who looks like the crypt keeper. We know you are a weathered war hero and we respect that, but this is the television age man and you are looking a little rough. Cindy McCain always looks wonderful and youthful for her age, a little bronzer will do you a world of good.

Dump The Teleprompter Forever- Study the Saddleback Debate and don't stray from that performance. You can't read a prompter to save your life without looking angry, confused or overexcited. When its time to give your acceptance speech at the RNC Convention you had better have that thing memorized. What separates you from Obama is what I like to call an "authenticity gap". Don't try sweeping speeches, talk to us with authority and we will respect you.

Utilize Cindy McCain More- You need to start doing positive ads right now with Cindy McCain sitting in a living room, hallmark style, talking to the average American woman. Women aspire for the beauty and grace that Cindy naturally possesses. She looks like a first lady and shes a successful business woman, don't run away from that, use it.

A final note, warmth and style matter and they matter hugely to women. In 2000 at the DNC convention Al Gore gave his wife the biggest kiss I have ever seen a politician give on television. If you don't think this helped turn the tide for women and Gore you are mistaken. Women project their own lives onto candidates. Gore represented the husband they wanted, one who kisses and is romantic and warm. He didnt win, but he came awfully close.

Why Im Not Getting The Warm Fuzzies For Obama

As the media continues to lament the fact Obama isn't beating McCain I cant help but marvel at how they just don't get it. Its the women, stupid! Now I'm not talking about those sore loser Hillary supporters, even though lets face it they haven't been this angry in a long time, I'm talking about average non-partisan women. When they look at Obama he is the epitome of that arrogant popular guy in high school who will gladly smile at you if you do his homework for him, but other then that has zero use for you. Here are some observations on why I think they guy is losing women, big time.

Obama Will Not Stop Glaring At Me- I enjoy political speeches, I enjoy discerning body language and every time Obama speaks he just glares at everybody. His voice takes on this preacher like persona and all the sudden I feel like he is speaking from a mountain top and to his unrepentant disciples. Lighten up man! Look at people when you talk to them, but don't glare at them. There is nothing worse to a women then a guy looking intimidating and threatening. Its like fine I'll pretend to give you my vote, just don't hurt me!

We Don't Like Your Celebrity Friends- Celebrity magazines and blogs are not popular because we love celebrities, they are popular because we love to hate on celebrities. Most people think celebrities are jokes who are best used for diet tips and as subject for biting gossip. Perez Hilton is popular for a reason and its not because we love and respect celebrities, its because we like to see stuff drawn on them! This is why the McCain ads Celebrity Ads were so successful. Back away Barack, throw them right under the bus like you did your grandma. (Which by the way, didn't help us women in the warm fuzzies department).

Um, Buddy, Your Friends Scare Us A Little- Jeremiah Wright, that Rezko dude, William Ayers, not exactly a posse of folks you want in your entourage. Your a guy, who we dont really know, surrounded by a terrorist, a racist and a crook. Um, yeah. Heres how girls think when they pick a president, they want someone whose going to protect them and there families and not give them a pit in their stomach. The more women see if the men you surround yourself with, the worse it is for you. You better find yourself some reputable people (preferably women) to hang around or your toast.

Share your thoughts, am I way off base? Tomorrow Ill have a post on McCain and what I think his problems are, until then!