Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Conservative Panic

Perspective. This is a very important word especially in this election. Can I go out on a limb and say something here? Nothing matters yet. From a purely political point of view polls, campaign ads and economic fears do not matter politically yet. After Friday, everything will matter. Conservative journalists are having a collective panic attack over Obama’s rising in the polls, this idiotic economic bailout and McCain’s lack of leadership. Lets break it down from a political perspective so we can all calm down a bit.

Obama’s “Rising”- Can I be absolutely frank? I find the current polls, especially the Washington Post Poll, to be nonsense. This poll in particular shows Obama leading McCain 52 percent to 43 percent. Not to be too snarky about this, but please. It is an embarrassingly tiny sample with only 1, 082 voters over an entire week!

The Gallup Poll interviews 1000 people daily and their daily tracking poll show Obama 47 and McCain 44. This poll shows that McCain is closing the gap with Obama, but again it really doesn’t matter at this point.

A Yahoo Poll shows that 18 percent of people are undecided. So what does this mean? Nothing, these polls are garbage right now so don't waste your time. Mid next week, after people have digested the debates, we will see where this election is headed.

Economic Bailout- This bill is a bloated disgrace, but some form of this thing is going to pass and it needs to. From a purely political perspective, keeping my own conservative disgust of this bill out of it, this bill needs to pass and soon. We do not have the time during this election season to hedge and relinquish this issue to the Democrats. The FBI is looking into the collapse of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and this is great news, because I think some of our Democratic congressmen are going to be caught in that net.

In the meantime, we have to fix this thing now, even if it is only a band-aid. Let’s get this issue off the table, pass the bill, elect John McCain in the fall and allow him and Sarah Palin to start cutting the size of government. This is a weird situation we are in, but we have to think long term, so lets get that stock market back up and these headlines off the papers.

McCain’s Lack Of Leadership- Here is the thing about politicians, and yes McCain is one, they want to get elected. McCain has to dance around this economic bailout issue for the same reason the rest of us have to. We hate the economic bailout bill on principle, but we are more fearful of what will happen if we don’t do it. McCain hates pork barrel spending, like we all do, but how do you ignore the Treasury Secretary? McCain needs to make a decision quickly and then start hammering Obama daily and pressure him to come to Washington and vote on the issue. Will Obama show up to vote on the bill? Will he actually DO something instead of talk? We shall see, but I would guess not.

Final Thoughts- The bottom line folks is we are just going to have to hang in a bit. This bill is going to pass, we are not going to like it and the media is going to have a great time releasing polls every two seconds trying to depress the Republican vote. Stop worrying, this is still preseason and it does not start counting until Friday. It’s a foreign policy debate Friday, McCain is going to wipe the floor with this guy and you are going to see movement similar to what happened after the convention. Just hang in and don’t buy into what you read. Until tomorrow…


Ann Pruitt said...

As usual Nancy you are right on the money. I agree that polls are being used more to "sway" the 18% undecided than to give any real intelligence about the hearts and minds of the American people and where they are going to vote. Obama is a thug that is all talk-- and he actually incites his audience to act "in your face" if someone disagrees-- true "thug" politics!

I actually heard him on an interview saying "I have a record of WANTING this change!" What the heck is "wanting" have to do with a "record"?...

And I am sick of the "black" discrimination thing too if we disagree with his Marxist politics.

If J.C. Watts were running I would be all for it and behind him 100%. Truth be told, I think the only reason a man with so LITTLE history or qualifications (Obama) even got to where he is-- IS because of his race! I think that any other senator with as little experience he has wouldn't have made it anywhere--

The libs want to "assuage their guilt"-- and maybe there is something to that, when you consider the history democrats have (fighting AGAINST Lincoln to save the slaves, fighting AGAINST integration, fighting AGAINST Reagan to bring "down that wall")... they MAY just have some serious guilt to assuage--

Seems we aren't parties anymore of "right" and "left"-- more like "right" and "WRONG"...

Chuck said...

Two things about polls. One, most polls are among registered voters as opposed to likley voters. Dems have a tendancy to overpoll in registered voter polls because a higher percentage of GOPers vote than Dems. Second, the AP/Yahoo says Obama may be overpolling as much as 6%. They blame it on race. I don't fully buy this argument but he has overpolled in the primaries, especially in important industrial swing states that are close right now. The reality is that, like you said, we can't trust the polls right now. If anything, it is more likley McCain is running slightly ahead.

Matt said...

Nancy, this is the first time I have visited your blog and I really enjoy your perspective and insight. I hate these daily and weekly polls because, as you stated, they mean nothing right now, and they don't even mean that much right up to election day. We have seen too many instances where the results of an election differed from what the polls suggested might happen.

And, yes, unfortunately we need to get this ridiculous bill passed immediately to stop the bleeding! Isn't it funny how many politicians are now claiming they tried to warn everyone this disaster was going to happen? I guess I was sleeping through all the press conferences they had when they announced it.

I also like Ann's take - this "race" issue is getting ridiculous. Why do you think Obama's favorability among blacks is 95 or so percent? Do you think a lot of those people just want to see the first black president and don't care about his politics? And it is only the left that has been bringing up the race issue, especially since we didn't buy into Obama's assertion that the Republicans would use his race against him. That never happened so they are pushing hard to MAKE race an issue. Don't buy into it!!!

Very good post! I will definitely be back.

Anonymous said...

I believe John McCain and Sarah Palin will win this election not by a landslide but by a squeaker.
Yes, right now everyone is concerned about the economy and rightfully so. But if and when the economy improves and i don’t have any doubt that it will. You will see Obama falling in the polls. It is the educated people who have done their homework that are supporting the McCain / Palin ticket.... Obama is a shady character, and as time goes on and throughout the debates that will come across. His economic plan will utterly destroy capitalism as we know it and make us into a socialist nation.

( I hope)

cube said...

Excellent post. I couldn't agree more...I think we were separated at birth ;-)

Anonymous said...

This was really a great and interesting blog...thank you for it.

Brooke said...

Obama voters have an IQ about the level of the average shellfish, or a case of psychotic denial.