Monday, September 15, 2008

What The Politico's Care About Doesn't Matter

The most overpaid job in this country is that of "political analyst," because these people do not have a clue. Politics is a gut feel for most people, they look at a person and they either connect or they do not, period. Obama's success at the beginning of this election cycle is that a lot of people, who lets face it didn't have a clue what he stood for, liked him. This morning almost every morning cable news show was proudly trumpeting Obamas "tough new ads." Ok, reality check please, it doesn't matter. His ad talked about the "lobbyists running the McCain Campaign," wow, thats really tough. Way to punch back with a topic people can care less about. The average American one, doesn't buy that McCain is run by lobbyists and also they are for more concerned about the folks hanging out with Obama then McCain's pals. Here are some other overanalyzed nonsense that only politicos care about.

Editorial Opinion Pages- Look, I don't know many people in mainstream America who wake up excitedly to read the next Maureen Dowd collumn. You wouldn't know that by watching cable shows in the morning, in their minds editorial collumnists are shaping what Americans are talking about and what they are thinking about. Yeah, not exactly. Newspaper subscriptions are down dramatically and The New York Times are barely making a profit. No one cares, seriously, stop harping on it already.

The Insipid Gallup Daily Tracking Poll- In election after election we are inundated with polls as news stories. As Obama would say, "enough already." How is it news that about 10 percent of the electorate is uninformed and therefore go back and forth between candidates? We all know people like this and these people should not be our focus on a daily basis because frankly they are not that bright and they typically do not vote anyways. Take a poll the day before the election and leave it at that, to take a daily poll tells you nothing and its just time filler for the cable heads.

Celebrity Endorsements- I do not care what Matt Damon, Lindsey Lohan, Pamela Anderson or the rest of them think about politics and I don't know anyone who does. I mean every time one of these morons speak it becomes a drudge report headline! Why?? I mean if celebrity endorsements matter, we sure havent seen that reflected in election results. Show me in an exit poll that a celebrity endorsement made a difference to voters, until you can do that media stop giving these people attention. You want attention celebrities? Why don't you try making a movie worth seeing instead of using your politics for media coverage because no one cares anymore, hmm Lindsey Lohan?

Final Thoughts- As I have illustrated in a previous post I think McCain and Palin are going to win this thing, and possibly pretty handily. The media on election night are going to be shocked and appalled just like last election and then blame it on racist Republicans or some such nonsense. They don't get it, its almost embarrassing how badly the media reads these elections. Stay tuned for the madness...


splendor87 said...

As usual you are right "on the money" Nancy. Your insights are both informed, "dead on" and entertaining. I wish I were watching YOU on the news instead of doorknobs like Charley Gibson with his condescending "Sarah" interview-- we need your fresh, down to earth, "cut to the quick" perspective that sifts out the polical "Garbage" and where more folks can appreciate and benefit from your appraisal-- which reflects our own so well.

Bob Scuba said...

Lindsay Lohan? Is she in or out or rehab when she wrote her recent blog entry? Celebrities are blabbing away and saying nothing but we are fascinated anyway.

I like the tracking polls when we are winning because it give me a chance to see the other side when they think they are losing. They are getting desperate over there.

Opinion pages are replaced by the blogs except for the super stars like Ann Coulter, but I read her from her site not a newspaper.

The economy having problems is a gift to Obama, too bad he has no idea what to do to fix the problems. Same old language from the first Clinton race, worst economy in 50 years etc. etc.

Sarah Palin knows how to fix the problems with the economy as does anyone that earns a pay check and lives within a budget.
John McCain for President.

melissaclee said...

I also agree that John Mcain and Sara Palin have a good chance at winning the election. One good thing about this election process taking so long is that Obama's true colours are shown.

MK said...

"...they are for more concerned about the folks hanging out with Obama then McCain's pals."

Especially those around the world who can't help but endorse Obama and are known for wishing ill on America. People are rightly connecting the dots and are starting to wonder.