Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Turning Sarah Palin Into Barbie

After the Democratic and Republican conventions there is one thing that is clear, Sarah Palin has connected to voters and the media and Obama campaign are having a collective freakout. Trash that used to be found only on the internet has now made its way onto our televisions and newspapers. Sarah has been critized for, being a mom, being a working mom, being a mayor of a small town, her hairstyle, being a governor, being pretty, being dumb, ect ect. The insanity in which we now find ourselves in this election cycle is only just beginning. The elite media and the Obama campaign are out to destroy Sarah Palin by painting her as too pretty and dumb. Here is why shes going to destroy her critics:

They Don't Call Her Barracuda For Nothing- As a tough woman myself, I recognize a kindred spirit and that is what Sarah Palin is, tough as nails. I bet she and the McCain love playing rope a dope with the press knowing full well shes going to do great in interviews and the debates. This woman is not a weeper, shes not going to hide from her critics, a girl like this welcomes her critics. Her first test is with Charlie Gibson who will have two unfettered days to interview Sarah. They, the media, expect her to look like an ignorant hillbilly. Boy do they have another thing coming. In Alaska there are many dead political careers thanks to Mrs. Palin, I suspect after this election a few journalism careers will be buried as well.

Steve Schmit- Steve is the genious who took over McCains floundering campaign in early summer and is responsible for those "celebrity" ads. This guy, like Sarah, is tough and disciplined and is ready for any counter attack against Sarah. No more does the McCain campaign care about catering to the media, they see the media as the enemy and they are right to think that. Steve has already formed a "truth squad" which will go after any Sarah Palin smear. They are just itching to fire both barrels at even the slightest smear on Governor Palin.

Hillary Wont Hit Her- The most interesting aspect to this new Sarah Palin obsessed media is Hillary Clinton's reaction to it. Nothing. Shes not going to touch her. The one person who can help bring back those women voters to team Obama is doing no such thing. I bet her thinking is, "well they were to arrogant to pick me, so if they are so smart they can fight there own battles." Shes not going to allienate her base of women to help a guy she doesnt think deserves to be President.

Final Thoughts- Look, you dont go from the PTA to Governor of Alaska because all you have is your looks. Shes smart, steely and even I would say a bit cocky which she needs to be. Shes not an empty headed barbie doll like some in the media and Obama camp seem to think. Democrats out there you can keep hitting her, but its like your hitting a brick wall, your only going to make yourself bleed more. Until next time...


Chris said...

Spot-on analysis. She is going to have Biden for lunch during their debate.

splendor87 said...

You go girl! I couldn't agree more. Sarah Barracuda is the Reagan this country has been thirsty for.

A Christian Prophet said...

I published your link in comments on Our Independent Libertarian Spirit and Abolishing Socialist Slavery blogs

Obama keeps saying: "Change after 8 years of Bush. Change after 8 years of Bush." This proves he is an party hack who can only see back to the last Democratic administration.

I think Sarah Palin is capable of looking back 75 to 100 years and undoing government caused chaos that has been around a long time. That would be real change.

wendy said...

I think Hillary is hoping Obama loses and is keeping a low profile right now in order to position herself for 2012. Say what you want about Hillary but no one has ever accused her of being stupid.

Bob Scuba said...

Spot on analysis, articulate and funny. Great job!