Thursday, September 25, 2008

High Noon In Washington

Today both presidential candidates are going to Washington to try and get an economic bailout that will actually pass. Events in Washington today will determine if we even have a debate on Friday. Yesterday, McCain made a bold but risky move by suspending his campaign in order to deal with the financial crisis. It was a grown up decision, but we don’t know yet if it was smart politically. President Bush helped McCain when he stepped in and invited both candidates to Washington. This allowed McCain to look ahead of the curve but it also allowed Obama to save face. As we lead into the debates, here is what needs to be accomplished today:

Get This Bill Done- This bill needs to be fixed and passed today. Wall Street needs to be assured that the Government is going to save them or we are going to keep having these record falls on Wall Street. Now I know some very smart conservatives are opposed to the whole concept of this bill, but as Americans look at their 401Ks I guarantee they are soon going to join the chorus for a bailout. Like I said yesterday, none of us like this bill, but it has to pass.

Let Sarah Out Of Her Cage- Look McCain camp, I understand you want to save her for the debates, but that strategy has to change. This is a very serious time and people are looking to be assured and have their questions answered by her. Let her make a new speech and get out in front with McCain. If McCain is in Washington today suspending his campaign, she needs to be out making the case. If the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates get delayed, she needs to be out sooner rather then later.

Final Thoughts- This is the moment, from today forward, that the American people are going to start hanging on every word. Whoever looks most Presidential in the crisis wins, period. Starting today McCain needs to eat and breathe the economy and aggressively take the lead. If the bill doesn’t pass tonight, don’t leave; stay until it does even if you take the hit for delaying the debate. People will remember who acted in this crisis and who just reacted. The election, Mr. McCain, is entirely in your hands. What you do today and tomorrow will matter more then any ad. Stay tuned things are getting interesting….


Ann Pruitt said...

Serious times call for serious measures. I sure hope that they make "drill here, drill NOW" a part of their recovery package because it will OIL the sticky wheels of the economy and bring us BILLIONS of dollars back! I agree this is a terrible but necessary action but they NEED to amend that bill to be more sensible and I hope McCain has the foresight to make sure this bill does not become a rope to hang the American people.

cube said...

Remember the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times"...

Well, we are living in those times.

I'm not an economic genius, but I know that when banks can't lend money to other banks, it's going to cramp economic growth. And
that's not good for anyone, rich or poor. Economic growth is where it's at... I wish I hadn't ended that sentence in a preposition.

commoncents said...

I agree with your Sarah comment. She should be doing three rallies today! Where is she???

wendy said...

I wish Bush hadn't called Obama instead just issued an invitation to "party leaders" and see if Obama showed up.

Scott Martin said...


Sorry, I just noticed your comment on my post at Conservatism Today, and finally checked out your site. You've got a real nice start going here.

It looks like you are having some formatting problems with the gobbledygook showing at the end of some of your posts. I'd try to fix that in a hurry.

Keep up the good work. If you ever want some help with building traffic or anything else, let me know. My email is listed at my website. Good luck.

wendy said...

Am I the only one who is bothered by how fast the Democrats and Bush want to slap together a multi-BILLION dollar bail out? I think something stinks about this.

Nancy Swider said...

Wendy, I am very concerned about it. My point in the piece is strictly a political one. It looks like whatever passes will contained a "phased" process of money. It should have never gotten to this point, but it has. If this isnt passed and banks stop loaning money and the economy freezes, its too awful to imagine frankly. Its a terrible position to be in, but its the only solution we have. Many fellow conservatives criticize the bill, but what exactly is the alternative?

wendy said...

I am not an any way saying that nothing should be done what bothers me is the speed and recklessness which is seems to be being done with. It just seems to me that the Democratic leaders and Bush (surprisingly) are throwing an awful lot of taxpayer money at this without thinking it through. I am also pissed(for lack of a better word) and the add ons that some are trying to add on, but that's Washington for you and one of the reasons I'm voting for McCain. I am hoping that he and Palin can do something about stuff like this.

They also look like they are brushing under the rug or ignoring or lying about how we got to this point in the first place. I'm seeing a good argument in favor of term limits for these idiots.