Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Shines In Interview Conclusion

Displaying poise and grace Sarah Palin nailed it in her final interview with the pompous Charlie Gibson. I have to tell you after the first interview I was hoping she would get her confidence back and she did. Stylistically she changed her posture, she stopped gesturing and she kept her tone friendly and kept the smile on her face. Charlie Gibson was so out of his depth I actually felt bad for the guy at one point. He asked her insane question he would never ask Obama, hit attempt at further "gotcha" questions backfired big time.

She Had Depth- In this interview Sarah really went there and explained her positons in depth and went beyond the surface. She answered the questions the way she wanted to and wasnt afraid to really engage. Extraordinarily impressive growth from the first interview to this interview.

Charlie Gibson Blew It Again- His whole demeanor was offensive to my entire being. A lot of women, myself included, were watching this interview and thinking "he would never ask this or have this tone with a man." The lecturing community college professor thing is really old, Charlie she is a Governor of Alaska not your student, have some respect.

Stylistically She Nailed It- She looked better, sounded better and controlled her gestures much better. She was confident in her own message and it showed and the friendly Sarah was back in a big way. She took Charlie to task in the nicest possible way and it was so appealing. I found myself just fascinated by this woman. She looked powerful and feminine all at the same time. Way to go Sarah!

Final Thoughts- Sarah improved in leaps in bounds from the previous interview. If I'm Joe Biden, Im watching her and thinking "uh oh." Can't wait for the next interview...

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