Friday, September 26, 2008

Tick, Tock

So it looks like the Paulson bailout deal is all but dead and the prospects of tonight’s debate are becoming dubious, though still likely. Even though things are looking bad as of this morning, I believe a bill of some sort will be framed out today. But lets not kid ourselves, the clock is ticking and what happens over the next 24 hours will have great impact on the campaign. To win the American people over and gain their trust, here is what needs to happen today:

Pass Something Already- The Paulson plan is not going to pass because house republicans hate it. That’ s fine, in fact most people agree with the republicans. The Paulson Bill is bloated and wasteful, but what is the alternative? My message to house republicans is this; you had better have an alternative bill that can pass. The democrats, every day this bill does not pass, are going to blame McCain and the GOP. McCain went to Washington to demonstrate he can work with both parties to get something done, so help him out a bit. One final thought on this topic for the house GOP, if you think this bill is outrageous and bloated, just wait until a President Obama is in office and he submits his first budget. What you are doing today will have a large impact on the election and I would humbly submit that maybe getting everything you want on this bill isn’t worth losing the election. Just think about it.

McCain Can’t Lose Face, But He Has To Debate- This is a very precarious day for McCain because he needs to accomplish two things; sticking to his word, but also attending the debate. According to Survey USA 74 percent of the American people want a debate tonight, he needs to debate tonight. A framework of a bailout bill has to be done today and hopefully done by early afternoon so McCain can justify attending the debate tonight. The House GOP has quite a bit of power today and I hope they use it wisely. If McCain shows up tonight and the bill isn’t finished he will look like a liar. On the flipside if he keeps to his word the democrats will accuse him of being a coward. Bottom line, that bill has got to get done today for McCain’s sake.

Debate Advice- I believe the debate ultimately will happen this evening and I think McCain has a big opportunity to take this election and start running away with it if he does the following:

  • Pithy Answers- Let Obama sound like a gasbag, use the Saddleback Debate as a guide and keep it crisp.
  • Control Temper- Be passionate but take it easy, don’t start glaring and getting fidgety in your chair.
  • “My Friends”- This is a statement that just needs to die already, you sound very tense when you say it and it’s a verbal crutch you need to get over.
  • Engage- Do not let him get away with anything, forget the moderators, they are not on your side anyways. If he lies about you or your record go after him, interrupt him if necessary.
  • It’s The Democrats, Stupid- Whatever problems the moderator mentions, you take it and put a democratic stamp on it. Do not throw Bush under the bus this isn’t about him. Go after your real enemies for once and draw clear differences.
Final Thoughts- This is the big night tonight, after all the pre election season garbage the big game is finally starting. If McCain nails his points in the next 24 hours, gets this bailout bill ready to go and starts taking it to Obama then this race is pretty much over. If this next 24-hour period goes terribly wrong… well, I don’t want to think about that. Until tomorrow…


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

"So it looks like the bailout deal is all but dead"

No Nancy, not at all, the game is only in the first inning.
There is no way that this is not going to pass

Ann Pruitt said...

Right on Nancy. We need the Repulicans to get a bill that is far more sound and reasonable into effect right away. I am not sure McCain will debate tonight as he may be a real stickler when it comes to his decisions, but I also agree that America wants to hear from him tonight.

I love Newt Gingrich's idea of eliminate Capital Gains, drill HERE, etc... all those things would solve this problem quickly and with a positive, not "negative" impact on the American Taxpayer.

When Obama FIRST joined the senate I liked him... he seemed honest and "centrist". Now he reminds me of the young Castro who sweet-talked the Cubans into electing him and then totally ruined their lives through Government control--

The war on "terror" is nothing compared to the war on "communism" that we are fighting within our own country. Abe Lincoln said the only way our country could be destroyed was from within-- I just never thought I would live to see it!

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

I think a deal will be made. The Republicans are trying to make the kind of a dealthat would work for us all, not trying to derail the plan.
Nancy Pelosi like Harry reid is trying to lump everything into it.

Bob Scuba said...

I don't think McCain will show up tonight. He said he needs to help shape the bill that will eventually pass and is working with Republicans this time.

Obama says he is going and his people say he will debate an empty chair if necessary. That isn't a debate, it is an interview. McCain wins by not showing up because yes we want to see a debate but we want the scary apocalyptic economic news to go away even more.

Working on the bill is the grown up thing to do and shows leadership. The bill needs to be something Conservatives can live with, not the socialized nightmare Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd want to pass. That is why McCain is there and should stay there until this bill is written and passed.

Nancy Swider said...

Deboniar Dude, I agree with you that a deal will be made, my point, which I should have clarified and in fact will, is the Paulson plan is all but dead. It looks like we are going to see some type of hybrid plan of what the dems and gop want. Bob, McCain is going to debate tonight. They are getting close to a deal and tonights to important to miss. I would be shocked if there was no debate.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Nancy, I also did a blog on giving John Mccain some advice for tonight.
Take a peek at it.

The New Conservative said...

I would be happy to have a link exchange with you. I'm going ahead and adding you to my blog list.

cube said...

I hope McCain wipes the floor with NObama at tonight's debate.

Scott Martin said...

I think McCain being seen as helping kill this bailout, no matter how inaccurate and impossible that idea is, is a good thing.

That bill was deserved to die, in most Americans' eyes. I believe that this will turn the tide of the election for McCain, especially when a compromise bill eventually passes.

See you at the Patriot Room for tonight's debate Nancy.