Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Reads

Today is a family day for me, but there are some great stories out there today I wanted to link to.

Bailout Plan Finalized- More on this on Monday, but it looks like the House Republicans can claim victory, a lot of Democratic pork was taken out of this bill. Full details at HotAir.

Family Did Not Want Obama To Wear Sons Bracelet-
During the debate Obama, after forgetting the soldiers name, trumpeted his bracelet as a tribute to a fallen soldier. One problem, the family doesn't want him wearing it. More on this at NewsBusters.

SNL On Sarah Palin- It was very funny stuff. I am hoping that this week there is solid debate prep for her. I like her like everyone else does, but man was that Katie Couric interview bad. HotAir has the SNL parody.

Liberalism Is Ruining Archaeology- London Locke over at Trunk Report has a very interstig story about Liberalism's affect on destroying archaeology. It's a bit different from the kind of articles I post so be sure to check him out.

On The Lighter Side, How About Some Football?- Scott Martin has a great Football blog Smart Plays which is perfect for all of you football fans, especially those of you who bet on the games. If you are looking for something lighter be sure to check it out.

Final Thoughts-
I hope everyone likes the stories and I will be back tomorrow with an original post on the current state of the election. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Bob Scuba said...

The SNL stuff is funny.

Anonymous said...

Bob Scuba said...
"The SNL stuff is funny"

That's a matter of opinion.

Bob Scuba said...

throwing stones said...
"That's a matter of opinion."

That's correct but to me and most people on the planet, it was funny.

Obama wearing a Bracelet of a soldier killed in Iraq and using his name in his anti Iraq war campaign even after his family repeatedly asked him not to...not funny.

Chuck said...

Nancy, great stuff. More importantly, enjoy the day with the family.

Ann Pruitt said...

Great post for Sunday. I liked the SNL post... I think I can enjoy SNL because they tend to make fun of EVERYONE and most times it's not mean. I thought the skit was funny-- I think Sarah would have laughed loudest of all. She is secure in herself... and the skit wasn't mean. I see SNL make fun of Bill and Hillary in much the same ways==

As long as it's not mean, I think it's all in good fun. But, I am VERY pleased that Republicans held strong to get us a better deal than what the dems wanted...

I hope this is the beginning of growing some really needed "backbone". Someone once said "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing"... that Liberals have become mainstream is a sad illustration of that fact.