Friday, September 19, 2008

The Ever Present Hubris Problem Of The Obama Campaign

I'm starting to wonder if the Obama Campaign knows something that the rest of us do not. They must really think they have the election in the bag to be making so many careless and arrogant mistakes. Susan Estrich, a vocal democrat and former Dukakis adviser, compares Obama's arrogance to Dukakis's by citing this example:

I’m also told that Sen. Obama himself projected great confidence that he will win this race. Is he really so confident? Who knows. Candidates tend to live in bubbles.

I remember, after a meeting between then-candidate Dukakis and various party and congressional leaders prior to the disastrous second debate, Gov. Dukakis projected so much confidence that more than one of the people in attendance took me aside afterwards to find out if he was following the polls. Of course, no one said that to him.

Yes, I know that polls released this week show Obama back ahead by about 4 points but I am shocked that Obama and his campaign are taking comfort in that. The polls traditionally overstate democratic strength and if you're not 10 points ahead, then you are behind. But, like I stated at the first, apparently the Obama campaign knows something the rest of us do not. How else do you explain the following:

Letting Michelle Obama Back Speak Publically- Haven't they learned by now that if they want to hide who the Obama's really are that they can't let this woman out in public? Here is Michelle stepping in it once again at a campaign event:

People shouldn't make a decision this time based on, 'I like that guy' or 'she's cute,' she said.

Gee, who could she be talking about there? A moment after her comment she lamely said she was talking about herself "being cute." It was obvious she was talking about Sarah Palin, even the glazed over audience figured that one out. It was just dumb, I keep hearing about what an "educated" and "intelligent" woman Michelle Obama is, but I have yet to see evidence of it.

Blatantly Lying About Rush Limbaugh- Here is what the Obama campaign is to obtuse to realize. You do not pick a fight with this guy, period, especially if you are blantantly lying about his remarks. You are now guaranteeing yourself hammering not only from Limbaugh but all of talk radio and I mean serious hammering. Some of you are thinking, "well, Rush picks on the guy anyways." This is true, but now its going to be personal with him and the attacks will sharpen and it will make its way into the news cycle. Limbaugh isn't a big fan of McCain anyone who has ever listened even briefly knows this, but now expect Limbaugh unleashed. I'm not even going to repeat the lies on this blog, but the Obama campaign has made a severe rookie mistake that will cost them big time in November.

Final Thoughts- I believe that insiders in the Obama campaign truly believe this election is locked up, that they will win the debates and that ultimately because the American people are disappointed in George Bush that Obama will be anointed with the Presidency. I would be shocked if this scenario took place because that is not the feel I'm getting from this campaign. The debates will be pivotal and I cannot wait for them, but have no doubt that as we speak voters are solidifying their impressions. We have seen Obama debate, he's not that great, but to quote Susan Estrich "of course, no one has said that to him." Until Monday, have a great weekend...


Fetiche Nouvelle said...

Interesting how the person with the very least experience in office is the most arrogant, isn't it? Not to mention how determined he and his are to destroy...the other side's vice-presidential candidate. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Great job on that post.
I really enjoyed reding it

Chuck said...

Great post. I think the Dems have been believing the liberal press in thinking that this election has been in the bag all along. They didn't really develop a plan or nominate the person with the best chance of winning. Joe Biden is a prime example. He wasn't a good pick, he was viewed as a 'not bad' pick. In other words fairly safe. Now they have a fight on their hands in the Presidential and Congressional races and no game plan. The GOP on the other hand has had an uphill battle all the way and came ready to fight.

As far as the debates, I think they are fooling themselves again.