Friday, September 26, 2008

Round One McCain

First let me say how much fun I had over at the Patriot Room Blog, it was a great time discussing the debate with my fellow bloggers. Before I give you my opinion on why McCain won, its important for you to know that I am not saying this to cheer lead “our guy.” If Obama would have won tonight I would have said so, I would have started the death march for the McCain camp because I will always be honest and give you my real opinion. Lets talk about why he won tonight:

McCain Took Control Of The Debate- From the first question on McCain set the rhythm and the tone of the debate. He was calm but forceful and never let Obama get away with his talking points. Obama on the other hand looked angry, nervous and smug and struggled through his answers. This was an embarrassment for Obama, from beginning to end.

Jim Lehrer Let The Candidates Debate Freely- This benefited McCain, he wasn’t restricted in calling out Obama for his “naiveté.” Obama seemed unsure of himself and frankly didn’t seem to know the issues, especially foreign policy. McCain came to play tonight and seemed to revel in the fight. He took it to Obama frequently and forced Obama off of his game. Obama had three days devoted to debate prep, but I guess that wasn’t enough.

“ I Agree With John”- The smart folks over at the McCain camp already have an new ad out that illustrates how many times Obama agreed with McCain. Look, this is politics 101, you don’t agree with your opponent especially when he is saying you are “naïve” and that “he doesn’t understand.” This ad is going to play often and even the crew at the liberal MSNBC thought he blew it by saying that so much. Chris Mathews went so far as to call it “Nixonian” because he compared what happened tonight with what happened between Kennedy and Nixon. Nixon conceded many points to Kennedy, and he lost. It is not tough to see the parallel here.

Final Thoughts- You all watched this debate so I want to know what you think because you are the people that matter. The mainstream media is trying to paint tonight as an Obama win, even conservative commentators are saying this, but they are wrong. Tonight is an example of why I became a blogger in the first place. I know what I saw. The politico’s, even the conservative ones, don’t have a clue. Now that I told you my opinion, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

great blogging tonight and perspective too. i am a thirteen year old political blogger, and I"ve been covering the debate as well. Here's my take and analysis on it:

thanks a bunch
pacer521, author of culture decoded

Nancy Swider said...

Oh that is awesome Pacer, you keep at it! I am adding you to my blogroll, keep checking back. I started getting involved with politics around your age, so thats great, good luck with your blog!

Matt said...

I wish both candidates would have followed the moderator's lead and debated each other, instead of seemingly trying to debate the moderator. Why the candidates' coaches always tell them not to look at their opponent is beyond me. It only makes them appear afraid of their opponent. Look at them directly, answer them directly, and for crying out loud debate them directly.

Probably neither candidate had a clear advantage tonight, but I would give the edge to McCain, especially since he seemed to fluster Obama on a few occasions. He also had some quick come-backs for some of Obama's "cheap-shots", but I didn't feel Obama did the same.

Wally Banners said...

How many Great Depressions do we need to go through before folks realize republicans cant do the math?
GOP Herbert Hover now George Bush. Yea a 73 year old who may already be senile will make a great president. If you voted for an Idiot like Bush who cant beat the sand people and now has wrecked the economy. Why do you want McCain?

Catherine said...


George Bush was elected as a conservative, someone who was supposed to keep spending to a bare minimum, uphold the constitution and definitely not above all things grow government to the size it is today.
No one is naive to the fact that Bush has not been the conservative we all thought he was. However, it comes down to; do you believe the government should rule you and take care of you? Or do you believe in limited government that is for the people? From their, you will receive part of your answer on why people are still willing to vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I felt that Brack Obama gave a superficial answers. And McCain was much more well informed and specific!
I also thouth that the moderator gave Obama more time

Ann Pruitt said...

This was clearly a night that was on McCain's turf. While McCain is not the best debater or speech giver, he took total control. This was HIS play yard and he spoke passionately with confidence and conviction...

No one looking on could think that McCain was anything other than totally "on game" tonight.

Great Blogging by the way Nancy. I saw many of your comments during the debate where then later used by Fox Commentators.

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